Accounts Receivable

 Egypt   15 May 2019
 Key Personnel Services
Key RESPONSIBILITIES:‎ • Perform the day to day processing of financial transactions to ensure that municipal Finances are maintained in an effective, up to date and accurate manner • Prepare, verify, and process monthly rent rolls.‎ • Receive and verify collection from collection department on daily basis.‎ • Do all necessary booking over system.‎ • Control collection department and ensure on time collection from the customers.‎ • Prepare weekly aging report and highlight any issue identified to the management.‎ • Ensure the accuracy and completeness of the accounting records and proper allocation to ‎different profit centers.‎ • Handel all system Master data.‎ • Support property management department in all financial issues related to residence union ‎for all company’s buildings.‎ • Print and distribute monthly financial reports.‎ • Support finance department in any area whenever required.‎ • Support Tax supervisor in all Tax submission and during Tax examination ‎ • Perform regular audit on Tenant union Financial and ensure that we comply with the rules ‎and regulation of Tenant union and report any discrepancies.‎ Educational Requirement ‎ Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Commerce (English section) or equivalent. ‎ Experience: 1-2 Years in Accounts Receivable preferably in Real Estate / Construction sector. ‎Experience in Finance and/or accounting management in multinational companies or well-known ‎local companies. ‎ General Skills/Competency: Candidate must have strong analytical skills with meticulous attention ‎to details. Should also possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.‎ Language: Proficiency in English language, both written and verbal. Company’s type: Real Estate investment Working hours: From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.‎ Working days: From Sunday to Thursday.‎ ‎ Location: Downtown ‎

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